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This rich cream blends the power of 20% urea with organic shea butter, aloe vera and safflower oil to help soften and exfoliate thick, dry skin on feet, hands and elbows.


Made in the USA. Contains no synthetic fragrances, but has a very light lemon scent from certified organic lemon essential oil.


Best for feet with mild to moderate calluses.


For Callus At-Home Maintenance:

1) Use the Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File once - twice weekly while in the shower or directly after bathing when the skin is softened.

2) Thoroughly dry the feet, including between the toes.

3) Apply Gilden Tree 20% Urea Cream to the entire foot, especially on the thickened, callused areas.

4) Use cream twice daily to maintain healthy skin between pedicures.

Gilden Tree 20% Urea Cream

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