COVID + Illness Policies

Please reschedule if you have any of the following symptoms:

1) Fever (over 99 degrees F)

2) Cough

3) Shortness of Breath

4) Body Aches

5) Open Sores on Hands/Arms or Feet/Legs

6) Positive COVID or Flu Test Within 1 Week Prior to Appointment

7) Vomiting, Nausea, or Diarrhea Within 24 Hours of Appointment

8) New Onset of Intense Headache or Malaise

Mask Policy

I do not request that you wear a mask, but please do so if you are more comfortable wearing one.  I will be wearing a mask during the callus exfoliation phase of your pedicure to reduce inhalation of dust particles.

Vaccination Policy

I do not request that you be vaccinated for COVID (or any other disease) in order to receive services.  If possible, please wait at least 2 weeks to come in for an appointment following any vaccination or booster.