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Covid + Illness Policies

Please reschedule if you have any of the following symptoms:

1) Fever (over 99 degrees F)

2) Cough

3) Shortness of Breath

4) Body Aches

5) Open Sores on Hands/Arms or Feet/Legs

6) Positive COVID, Flu, or Strep Test Within 1 Week Prior to Appointment

7) Vomiting, Nausea, or Diarrhea Within 24 Hours of Appointment

8) New Onset of Intense Headache or Malaise

If you feel ill the night before, please contact me immediately to reschedule.  Please be aware that any changes to your appointment under 48 hours negates a deposit refund or transfer.

*Please read the Booking Policy in its entirety prior to booking.*

Mask Policy

I do not request that you wear a mask, but please do so if you are more comfortable wearing one.  I will be wearing a mask during the cuticle care and callus exfoliation phases of your service to reduce inhalation of dust particles.

Vaccination Policy

I do not request that you be vaccinated for COVID (or any other disease) in order to receive services.  If possible, please wait at least 2 weeks to come in for an appointment following any vaccination or booster.

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