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Correcting Involuted Nails 
Revive Nail Studio offers two ways to painlessly correct your overly curled nails:

  1. Curve Correct nail brace

  2. Polygel band

Sometimes correction is for purely esthetic reasons, but most of the time the deep curve is causing the client pain and could potentially lead to an ingrown nail.   

Option 1: Curve Correct

Curve Correct is a topically applied, flexible brace that corrects unhealthy nail curvature.  When affixed to the nail, tension gently lifts the sides of the nail out of the nail groove, alleviating pain.  As the nail continues to grow, the nail curvature is corrected and proper pressure in the grooves is restored.

Application takes between 10-20 minutes per toe. Each brace should last at least 2 weeks, and up to 8. 

ingrown toenail, painful toenail, curved nail

Additionally, you can opt to polish over the brace which makes it nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the nail. Depending on the nail, correction can take as little as 8 weeks, or as long as a year.  Generally, because of the tension of the band lifting the nail out of the grooves, this method gives faster relief than Option 2.


If you are interested in trying a Curve Correct brace, it is best to have Rachel assess you prior to scheduling an application. This can be done during a regular pedicure appointment. Excessive curvatures, or exceptionally thick toenails may not be candidates for this service.  Once a plan is made, Rachel will assist you in scheduling the application.



  • 1st visit and application of 1 nail:   $40  

                                 Each additional nail:    $20

  • Each brace is guaranteed to last AT LEAST 2 weeks. 

  • If there is ANY pain at all, the brace has too much tension or is improperly positioned and needs to be replaced immediately at no additional charge.

  • If the brace loosens or falls off on its own, it can be replaced at no charge prior to the 2-week mark.  

  • Once your brace has been on for 2 weeks, any replacements will incur a $40 fee for 1 nail, or $55 for 2.

Option 2: Polygel Band

Polygel is a newer material combining acrylic and gel polish. It has a thick, viscous consistency, which remains soft until cured (hardened) under an LED lamp. Polygel is shaped across the width of the nail at the widest part of the nail, then cured into place.  Once cured, it will remain affixed until it is removed.  This product is best suited for moderately to severely involuted nails because it does not rely on tension to correct the curve, rather it holds the nail shape in place as it continues to grow, gradually reversing the curvature.  With this option, curve correction is less dramatic and may take longer to see results.  Polish can be applied directly over the bands and removed at subsequent pedicures without problems.

Pricing:  Large Band (great toenail): $25

                  Large Band x2: $40

                  Small Band:  $15 each



The polygel application is very similar to the Onyfix Correction system you might see in podiatrists' offices or trained nail technicians' salons.  Because this is a system which has been born out of creativity and not clinical research, it is priced far below what other professionals charge for Onyfix applications.                    

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