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Curve Correct

Curve Correct is a topically applied, flexible brace that corrects unhealthy nail curvature.  When affixed to the nail, tension gently lifts the sides of the nail out of the nail groove, alleviating pain.  As the nail continues to grow, the nail curvature is corrected and proper pressure in the grooves is restored.

Application takes approximately 10 minutes and each brace should last at least 2 weeks, and up to 6. 

ingrown toenail, painful toenail, curved nail

Additionally, you can opt to polish over the brace for a consistent and complete look. Depending on the nail, correction can take as little as 8 weeks, or as long as a year. 


If you are interested in trying a Curve Correct brace, it is best to have Rachel assess you prior to scheduling an application. This can be done during a regular pedicure appointment. Excessive curvatures, or exceptionally thick toenails may not be candidates for this service.  Once a plan is made, Rachel will assist you in scheduling the application.



  • 1st visit and application of 1 nail:    $70 

                                 Each additional nail:    $20

  • Each brace is guaranteed to last AT LEAST 2 weeks. 

  • If there is ANY pain at all, the brace has too much tension or is improperly positioned and needs to be replaced immediately at no additional charge.

  • If the brace loosens or falls off on its own, it can be replaced at no charge prior to the 2-week mark.  

  • Once your brace has been on for 2 weeks, any replacements will incur a $40 fee for 1 nail, or $70 for 2.

Comparatively, pricing for Curve Correct is substantially lower than pricing for either the Onyfix or the BS Brace.  Onyfix is made of composite material which is cured to your nail using LED light and is typically applied at podiatrist offices, though nail technicians can become certified as well. Its advantages include being able to treat deeply curved ("trumpet") nails and tight "pincer" nails (appear like a roof peak).  Since Onyfix is still in its infancy, Rachel's goal is to follow the successes and failures of Onyfix for another 6-12 months prior to becoming a provider.


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