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Frequently Asked Questions

 1)  I have thin, brittle nails. What can I use to help strengthen them?

Nail thickness is determined by the density of your bones as well as genetics.  Make sure your diet supports healthy bones. You may want to consider testing your iron, calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamin levels, heavy metal load, as well as supplementing with collagen.  Topically, I recommend daily REVIVE Nail + Cuticle Salve or nail oil (jojoba is best), and nightly Nail Repair by KapaNui. Use the Nail Repair nightly for 3 weeks and reassess strength. 

2)  My nails peel and flake. What can I do?

Just like hair needs to be trimmed past the split ends, so too do nails need trimming past the peeling.  I typically recommend filing the nails short, just above the "quick", and sealing the free edge using a Ruby Stone. This helps to keep moisture from settling in between the layers of the nail, as well as strengthens the nail at the tips where they are weakest.  Apply REVIVE Nail + Cuticle Salve twice daily. If the flaking is severe, Nail Repair by KapaNui will be essential.  

3)  How can I make my nail polish last longer?

Top coats are great to help with increasing the wear time on your nail polish.  Apply a top coat the day after your manicure (remember to swipe the tips), and then again 3 days later. I recommend Mavala's Colorfix because it gives a great shine and flexes with the nail, rather than crack when the nail bends.  Avoid using your nails as tools.  Use gloves when you can (gardening, washing dishes, etc.), and apply nail oil or nail salve daily.  The oil keeps the nail polish from cracking, which extends the life of the manicure!

4)  I have a toenail fungus. What do I do to treat it?

First, a pedicure to assess the degree of fungal invasion is important.  During the pedicure, I can trim away all the affected nail, clear any debris, thin out thickened nails, and leave your foot clean and ready for topical therapies.  I recommend RECOVER Antifungal/Antimicrobial Nail Treatment Oil at least twice daily, as well as a nightly application of Nail Repair.  The Nail Repair will prevent the fungus from progressing, while the RECOVER attacks the pathogen(s).  This dynamic duo, monthly or bi-monthly pedicures, and your consistency is key for restoring your nail health.

5)  I think I have an ingrown toenail. Can you help me with that?

For mild to moderate cases of ingrown toenail pain, I am more than likely able to help you achieve relief from the pressure of the nail.  Topically, I can apply a Curve Correct brace or a Polygel Band to relieve the pressure and guide the nail in the correct position as it grows in. If it is showing signs of infection (red, swollen, painful, exudate), then I cannot perform any services on you until the infection is resolved.  You may wish to consult with a podiatrist if your nail is showing these symptoms. 


*Please schedule a RESTORE pedicure if you would like me to address ingrown toenail pain. 

**If you are interested in the Curve Correct brace, first read the information on the Curve Correction page found in the drop-down menu under SERVICES.  If you would like to continue with the Curve Correct, please message Rachel so she can block off additional time for assessment and/or application.


For best results, an in-person appointment is always best. The above answers are not medical advice.  If you have a medical condition, please seek out a medical professional you trust to best assist you.

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