Manicures & Pedicures

I love to treat women, men, and little hands and feet to manicures and pedicures! If you have hands and feet, I'd love to see you!  

All first-time customers or military veterans (and their dependents) receive 10% off!

Additional Services Include:

Polish Change  $15

Add 10 minutes of massage  $15

Little Lady Manicure (under 12)  $20

Little Lady Pedicure  $30

Hot Oil Hand Therapy

Organic avocado, jojoba, and coconut oils are blended with pure lavender essential oil, warmed, and massaged into the skin and cuticles. Hands are wrapped in heated mitts for 10 minutes. The result is supple, soft skin & ultimate hydration.


Gift certificates are available!

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Express Manicure
For those on the go, this 30-minute manicure focuses on the essentials:  nail shaping & buffing, a quick moisturizing, and a beautiful lacquer application!  $25
Moisture Manicure
Designed for  hard-working women and men who choose not to polish, but need some extra TLC for their nails, cuticles, and hands. This service includes nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing the nail plate to a gleaming shine, a gentle exfoliation treatment, and ends with Revive's organic hot oil therapy!  $28
No polish is applied in this service and is not recommended. To apply polish, the oils applied in the manicure would have to be stripped from the nail, leaving it dehydrated so the polish can adhere.  This is a treatment for extremely brittle, peeling nails, and for extra moisture for hands.
Express Pedicure
A waterless pedicure service, this pedicure provides nail shaping and buffing, cuticle care, a quick foot rub, and concludes with a stunning lacquer application!  $35
Great for men on the go too! In lieu of lacquer, an extended massage is provided.
Moisture Pedicure


The perfect pedicure for men, those who do not polish their nails, or those with severely dry and cracking skin.  Begin with a warm foot soak in healing Dead

Sea salts and tea tree essential oil.  For exceptionally dry and cracked heels, a thick, all-natural healing salve is applied. Following the foot & leg massage, fortifying REVIVE Nail + Cuticle Salve is buffed into your nails for deep hydration.  The service is finished off with extended massage to make your feet feel REVIVED!


Polish is not recommended following this pedicure.

Essential Manicure


First your nails are shaped, buffed smooth, & cleared of cuticles. Then hands are exfoliated with a brown sugar scrub, then wrapped in deliciously warm moist towels.  Relax with a stress-relieving hand and arm massage, and finish with lacquer of your choice. $30

Purecure Manicure

A long-lasting, gel-like manicure without all the damage!  Butter LONDON designed this system to be 12-free and easy to remove.   Results vary, but in general clients are able to achieve between 7-16 days of wear! 

**This product is not recommended for those with damaged nails or those who tend to wash their hands/submerge hands in water often as the water tends to loosen the adherence of the polish.**


If you would like me to remove your lived-in Purecure polish before your new manicure, that incurs an additional $10 fee.

Gel Enamel Removal
Careful and safe removal for gel polish only.  Once gel is removed, if not continuing with another service, the nails are then hydrated with organic jojoba oil buffed gently into the nails, and hands receive a quick lotion application.
**This is not meant to be a service to soak off nail enhancements such as hard gel, acrylic or sculptured nails, silk wraps, or SNS dip acrylic applications.**   
Combination Treatments
Express Manicure & Pedicure Combo
For those who just need a quick spruce-up, this combo is for you! $60
Essential Manicure & Pedicure Combo
Get fully pampered with both services! Your choice of color for both finger and toenails  $75
Essential Pedicure


Our most popular pedicure!  Soak your tootsies in a warm bath of Dead Sea Salts and tea tree essential oil followed by essential nail & skin care. You'll receive a soothing 10-minute leg and foot massage and finish with an application of your choice of lacquer. $45

Relieve Pedicure

This cooling pedicure is designed to relieve your aching feet and legs, increase circulation, and decrease swelling. Hand-mixed lotion made from aloe, coconut oil, and essential oils will leave your legs feeling lighter, cool, and refreshed!  Safe and perfect for expecting mothers, or those who stand much of the day!


Milk & Honey Pedicure

Sink your feet into a steamy milk foot bath steeped in healing herbs, essential oils, and dead sea salt during this ultimate pedicure experience.  Milk enzymes gently exfoliate rough skin, while the herbs and salts aid in calming irritated skin, softening the skin, and soothing your senses.   Following foot care, the feet are wrapped in an all-natural milk and honey mask to enhance hydration and leave your feet feeling as smooth as silk! Enjoy a delicious extended leg and foot massage using organic whipped body butter infused with lavender, chamomile, and rose geranium essential oils.  Finish with your choice of lacquer.  By far, this is the best pedicure Revive Nail Studio has to offer!  


Moisture Manicure & Pedicure Combo
A great choice for men or for those who have severely dry, cracked cuticles, heels, and/or weak nails.  Hot Oil Hand Therapy is included. These services do NOT include polish applications.
Ingrown Toenail Treatment
If you've been suffering from mild to moderate ingrown toe nails and were considering surgery, this might be a great first step to relieving your pain without the risk of surgery!
After consultation during your initial pedicure, it may be determined that you may benefit from the non-invasive, topical application of the Curve Correct nail brace.  Revive Nail Studio carries only 1 variety out of 5 possible nail braces, the "Standard" tension brace. Please visit for more information on this procedure, what tension brace you might need, and statistics regarding results!
$15 per toe