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Real-life Results

When you come in for a service, you'll receive my honest assessment and recommendations to resolve your particular problem.  In order to succeed in healing, you have to also be committed to your healing.  Just like with any other transformation, the end result is up to YOU and your decisions between appointments. I'm here to help you along your journey as efficiently and safely as possible!  My goal is to help you succeed in restoring health to your hands and feet!

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In a single REVIVE Pedicure service, her calluses and dry, peeling skin around her toes were reduced, nails were cleaned and prepared for polish, and the skin was deeply hydrated.  Her at-home maintenance consisted of daily RENEW Healing Balm on the soles and toes, and weekly foot filing to smooth and exfoliate the skin.

Dazzle Dry nail polish dries in 5 minutes and stays for weeks!


From the start, I knew this client was not a "one-and-done" type. The picture on the left was his 1st visit, and the middle and right pictures are after 1.5 years of pedicure work every 6-8 weeks.  His "homework" consists of twice daily application of RECOVER Nail Treatment Oil, weekly foot file for exfoliation, and application of a urea-based cream mixed with tea tree oil (to address his athlete's foot).  We are continuing to make progress and adjusting his home care as needed.


This client had been suffering with inflamed and very brittle nails for years.  We tried a few different approaches, including biweekly Moisture Manicures, daily use of the REVIVE Nail + Cuticle Salve, and iron supplementation (as decided by the client, not via my recommendation).  We finally saw the most results when she began using KapaNui's Nail Repair for 3 weeks!  She now enjoys strong, smooth, flexible nails!

A pinched, ingrown nail converted into a relaxed, flattened nail after 2 visits!

This is one amazing transformation done in 90 minutes!  She left crying happy tears!

One visit can be life-changing!

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