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Rachel Slife, owner

Rachel grew to fall in love with both the art and science of nails in her early 20s. Working as a natural nail technician for almost 7 years, she saw the true damage caused by improper application and removal of artificial nails.


In addition to nails, Rachel was also a certified massage therapist for 8 years.   


Rachel temporarily left the nail profession as she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UNC-Chapel Hill, and worked as a PT for 2.5 years. However, she soon found herself wanting to return to her original plan of starting a natural nail salon.

In 2016, Rachel opened Revive Nail Studio in Leesburg, VA to a very warm reception and continued operation through 2021. Rachel's mission was to provide expert natural nail care with incomparable attention on restoring and maintaining healthy natural nails and supple skin, as well as educating her clientele about the cause of their issue and how to solve it naturally.  In addition to nail rehabilitation, Rachel developed gentle techniques to help clients recover from ingrown toenails.  Soon, Revive Nail Studio became known in the region for the place to go for real nail care!

Along with nail care, Rachel researched and developed all-natural nail and skin care products to assist her growing base with achieving and maintaining healthy nails.  Her most popular products are her R+R All-Over Dry Skin Cream and RENEW Healing Balm.  Though the RECOVER anti-fungal nail treatment oil is a close third!


From 2016-2021 Revive Nail Studio became a beacon for those who needed personalized natural nail care in a quiet, non-toxic environment.  Currently, Rachel has temporarily closed her studio doors, but could very well return in the future!


Thank you for the amazing years!

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