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Not your average nail file!!  This file is a very fine grain designed to prevent  splitting, combat peeling nails, and is gentle enough to use on delicate, thin nails!  


This tool is not meant to take down nail length, but rather smooth jagged edges and seal the layers of the nail together, preventing moisture from going between the layers which can cause peeling.  Use it after shaping your nails with a regular nail file, as a maintenance tool to seal the free edge, or to gently push back unruly cuticles! 


The Ruby Stone is a lifetime tool.  You will never need to replace it unless it breaks.  When it becomes dirtied with nail filings, simply wash with a nail brush, soap, and water and allow it to air dry.


We recommend using this tool as part of your nail maintenance, along with the REVIVE nail + cuticle salve to achieve your healthiest, strongest natural nails!

Ruby Stone Crystal Nail File

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  • We want nothing more than for you to love our products!  However, we realize that some people may have a negative experience, as much as we hope to avoid that!  If your product arrives damaged, please take a picture of the damaged product and email Rachel at, and a replacement will be sent at no cost to you. Because this is NOT a product made by Revive Nail Studio, there may not be a replacement in stock. If that should occur, a refund will be issued through the purchaser's payment option.  Notification of damage of the product must be reported within 14 days of receipt of your package.   

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