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Are your calluses extremely thick and hard, or are your heals beginning to crack? This easy-to-use stick quickly breaks down hard, dry, cracked, rough skin.


  • Glides on smooth, clean and clear, with no need to rub in, so no mess on hands.
  • Uses 30% Urea to help break down thick, dry skin on hands and elbows, too.
  • Easy to apply with no smell.


A regular lotion or moisturizing stick is often not enough to tame seriously dry skin and cracked heels.  You need the power of 30% Urea, which helps soften, breakdown and exfoliate dead, dry skin.  


At-Home Callus Maintenance:

1) Use Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File twice weekly while in the shower or directly after bathing when the skin is still softened.

2) Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.

3) Use the 30% Urea Stick liberally over heavilly callused and cracked skin.

4) Put on socks to prevent slipping or rubbing off.

5) Apply twice daily until the calluses begin to soften.

6) Once calluses have improved, switch to Gilden Tree 20% Urea Foot Cream once-twice daily for hydration between pedicures.


Gilden Tree 30% Urea Stick

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