EVER Skincare

"The Pure Results Regimen with LSR10.

Clinically proven to target the top 10 signs of aging."

Transformative skincare and ethical, high-performance beauty, with
clinical results!

Behold! My own 45-day Before & After pics!  

My personal skincare goals were:

  1. Decrease breakouts in frequency, duration, and intensity (re: painful, underground pimples)

  2. Smooth fine lines - particularly the "11" between the eyes, and those deeper, vertical lines around my nose/mouth area.

  3. Decrease appearance of acne scarring (from years of breakouts and picking - yes, I pick.)

Here I think you can really see the way my skin has smoothed out and the dark spots around my chin and jaw have diminished considerably!!

The small bumps and fine lines around my eyes and temple region have smoothed out and I rarely get any pimples there now!

More evidence of smoother skin, a more even skin tone, and softer appearance. :) YAY!!!