The story behind Revive Nail Studio...


Rachel Slife opened Revive Nail Studio's doors in May of 2016 with a curiosity to see if there was a need for natural nail care in a non-toxic environment.  As a doctor of physical therapy and a licensed nail technician, Rachel's mission was to provide expert natural nail care with incomparable attention on restoring and maintaining healthy natural nails and supple skin, as well as educating her clientele about the cause of their issue and how to solve it naturally.  Much to her delight, the response to her services was overwhelmingly positive and Revive Nail Studio ended up being voted Best Nail Salon in Loudoun County 2018!  For over 5 years Rachel was able to provide unique, healing services for her clients, and she will be forever grateful to have had those years.  As of November, 2021, Rachel has chosen to close the physical studio and halt services for personal reasons, but has not fully closed that door.


Also over the past 5 years, Rachel discovered a need for all-natural products which can treat various nail and skin conditions, so she developed several powerful products.  Her heart sings when she see how they benefit her clients' nails.  Product development and e-commerce will continue on with hopes to expand Revive's reach over the coming months.

Rachel Slife, owner

I grew to fall in love with both the art and science of nails in my early 20s. I worked as a natural nail technician for almost 7 years, seeing the true damage caused by improper application and removal of artificial nails.


In addition to nails, I was also a certified massage therapist for 8 years.   


I left the nail profession after graduating from The University of Montana, but never lost the love.  I went on to earn my doctorate in physical therapy from UNC and worked as a PT for 2.5 years, but found myself wanting to go back to my original plan of starting my own nail salon or day spa with the added focus on health and wellness. 

In 2018, we welcomed our third child, Evangelyn.  Directly after her 3-month shots, she developed full-body eczema.  Dermatologists had no real solutions, and suggested hydrocortisone cream, bleach baths, and new-to-market (and unproven) creams with harsh ingredients.  I was unwilling to rely on medications, and thus my journey to researching the causes of eczema and healing strategies began.  We also discovered she had food allergies - the first in our family.

We immunized one at a time, while detoxing in between, and I began testing to see to which natural oils her skin reacted positively.  Pure aloe vera, dead sea salt baths, and jojoba and hemp seed were favorites.  By her 7th month, her skin had much improved, but still required daily care.  I tried many natural lotions on the market, none of which helped.  So, I took matters into my own hands and began to make my own.  It took 18 months and 39 tries before R+R All-Over Dry Skin Cream was ready for use (and retail).  

When Evangelyn was 16 months old, I discovered Advanced TRS and began to use it for our entire family.  Within 5 months, Evangelyn's skin was 99% clear, and her IgE numbers for her peanut allergy plummeted, and her tree nut and egg allergies resolved.  We felt so blessed!  Evangelyn has been such a blessing to us in so many incredible ways, and because of what her circumstances have taught me, I am moved to share that knowledge with you.


From 2016-2021 Revive Nail Studio became a beacon for those who needed personalized natural nail care in a quiet, non-toxic environment.  Thank you for the amazing years!