About Revive Nail Studio


As a doctor of physical therapy and a licensed nail technician, my mission is to provide expert natural nail care with incomparable attention on restoring and maintaining healthy natural nails and supple skin.  By merging science with beauty, the products I use all provide a benefit to you. Whether you have chronic eczema, arthritis, or athlete's foot, you are sure to find some relief.  


I have researched and tested many products throughout the years.  Now I am blessed to be able to share my favorites which have held up and actually DO what they claim to do! In using these leading hand and nail care brands, 100% pure essential oils, and non-toxic nail lacquers, I will find your perfect combination of treatments to achieve or maintain healthy and strong natural nails. 


Every person is different, and therefore I may use different products to assist in this process, all while educating the client in each step.  The end result will be the same: beautiful, healthy nails and a happy, relaxed customer

Rachel Slife, owner

I grew to fall in love with both the art and science of nails in my early 20s. I worked as a natural nail technician for almost 7 years, seeing the true damage caused by improper application and removal of artificial nails.


In addition to nails, I was also a certified massage therapist for 8 years.   


I left the nail profession after graduating from The University of Montana, but never lost the love.  I went on to earn my doctorate in physical therapy from UNC and worked as a PT for 2.5 years, but found myself wanting to go back to my original plan of starting my own nail salon or day spa with the added focus on health and wellness. 


Now, after 3 kids and finally feeling settled, I am pursuing that dream.  I strive to provide excellent customer service, to-die-for hand and foot massages, and revive your natural nails!

Location, location, location!


Now at my NEW location:

107 E. Main Street UNIT B

Purcellville, VA  20176


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